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   Welcome to WilliamBott.com, where you can read works written by William Bott, absolutely free. That's right...there's no mandatory charge to read my work! You can feel free to donate, however. ;)

   I believe that information should be free. I also believe that art and literature should be available to the public, even if one does not have extra money to pay to view the work. I'd like to get my name out there right now, but I'd also like to offer everyone the chance to read my stories and books, absolutely free of charge. I love to tell stories and share my vision with the world.

   Some of my stories will make you think, some are just for entertainment, and some may even be controversial! The bottom line is that my writing will provoke your mind, your heart, your soul, or all three. I want you to come away from my writing with a new perspective on things...or at least some entertainment and time killed.

   I don't want to get rich from my work; I simply want to be able to support myself and my writing endeavours. I'm living on less than a shoestring budget but I have so much to write about, and I want to share it with the world. Therefore, I accept donations from anyone that has the money and wants to support my projects.

   In the future, when I have enough stories to publish a physical book, I'll make a book (as well as an e-book) available for purchase at a reasonable price. I'll do the same for my fantasy novel, which I will complete after I've finished my short story collection.

   Please click the links above and to the left to find out more about me and my projects, and feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions.

Latest WorksLatest Works

The Seventh Sin (sample chapters) - a novel about a man, his sins, the unforeseen consequences of his actions, his triumphs, his failures, and his quest for ultimate redemption. .docx .pdf (Literary, mainstream)


Minimum Wage - a short story about a boy and his outlook on privileged life. (Light Sci-Fi)


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08/21/2013 - "The Seventh Sin" has been published on SmashWords.com! Click here to get your copy today!


03/13/2013 - KickStarter project to fundraise to print "The Seventh Sin" in paperback is LIVE! Click here to see the project and pledge your support!


03/11/2013 - Just finished and uploaded sample chapters from my debut novel "The Seventh Sin"! Click to get the sample chapters! .docx .pdf


03/09/2013 - Working on the cover art for my debut novel and my KickStarter project to fundraise to print the novel in paperback. I hope to publish my novel "The Seventh Sin" within the next 30 to 45 days!


02/22/2012 - My short story "Minimum Wage" is now available for sale at Smashwords.com! Please purchase your copy here and review it to help support my work!



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